Gaia Musings

I've been thinking about the state of things.  Something I do quite regularly, but it seems to be so much more in-your-face these days.

The people of the US are fidgeting. There is much dismay, fear and desperation.

The beautiful part is the people are expressing themselves in more overt ways. Seeing the number of women who showed up in DC and around the country the day after Trump's inauguration was truly heartwarming and tantalizing.

Could it be?! Have we reached a point of citizen involvement, of civic duty, not seen in these parts since the 60s?

As Jean Houston, the great evolutionary, tells us, "It is time to stop resisting and start insisting if we want to save the world."

And here's what makes insisting so powerful.  We have to be prepared. We have to know our stuff.  We need to know where we're wanting to go. 
Old school protesting doesn't require any of that. We are not required to have any answers to say "No. Stop."  It is unconscious. Reactive.
And we can see, for over fifty years, the total lack of effectiveness this protest style generates. We have yet to see real progress made to help the people in need, or the planet which provides for us so generously. The small gains are far out flanked by the ratcheting of wealth into the hands of a few who are genius at the redirect. At finding new scams, new loopholes, new legislators to buy.
Now, insistence is a different animal. It requires us to be conscious. To not only know the problems but to know the many solutions and possibilities that exist to change them. And be committed to make them happen ourselves.
This is a time for the huddle. A time to gather our tribes. Reflect, Propose, Refine and Enact.
Another great thought leader of our time, Stephen Jenkinson, said "We're born to a dark time. Consider it an affliction or consider it an assignment."
I choose assignment. My choice to be here now in these times of the changing of the Worlds was by design. It is my birthright to step up to the challenge.
So if gathering the tribes to plan and implement the New Stories intrigues you I invite you to join us as we re-instigate Lioness Circles. An early offering of Song to Gaia, Lioness Circles are groups of women coming together to discover and honor our powerful, nurturing fierceness.  And make the difference this time calls for.
Be on the lookout for more about this offering soon. In the meantime get ready to roar!

Kate Culver
Song to Gaia