What does it mean to be free?

I recently had an opportunity to spend some time with 3 young feral kittens. I brought them home to acclimate them to humans and other animals (dogs, cats, chickens). They were such a joy and because they were still quite young, 5.5 weeks, it was easy to influence them toward friendliness.

I would watch them play, 2 girls and a boy, and it immediately became clear that the girls were the more adventurous. The girls followed their curiosity and the boy followed. Time and time again it played out, the girls were the first ones to come forward and make friends, the first ones to make their way out of any enclosure, the first to play with a new toy. The little boy was always close behind.

I made a comment about my observation to my husband who gave me a look like “And you're surprised?!”

As I thought about their activities I could see how this dynamic got twisted in our culture into thinking that girls are chased. That the boys pursue and the girls run. This changes the whole power dynamic for the girls from one of adventurer, explorer, creator to one of prey, the chased.

Just sit with those two energies for a moment and feel the difference in those 2 situations. In the first scenario you are charting new territory, going beyond the place you've been before, feeling excitement, anticipation. Everything on high alert, all senses engaged and aware. Being fully in the moment. Can you feel it?

And the next scene we are being chased, pursued. Perhaps it is even a relentless pursuit that wears on you, that has you looking over your shoulder, feeling nervous, uptight. Muscles are tense. We are in fight or flight mode.

Our senses are fully engaged in the first scene and there is a readiness to run if needed. There is also a lack of expectation that we will need to run. Ready, yes, but not focused on survival. We experience an openness to just be in the now.

When being chased the muscles constrict. Even though we're running, even though we're putting all our energy into getting away, the fear brings a shutting down, a closing off. We know the blood is not in our brains in those moments. We need the blood to be in our body in those moments. So we're not necessarily making the best decisions, we're making quick decisions. There's no time for deliberation, no time to think about it, no anticipation of what could be. The blood is in the body.

So, in thinking about how we, as women, feel in life: are we being pursued or are we being followed? Are we exploring or in flight?

This is the twist our culture has promoted: that women are being pursued, conquered. That our essence is one of submission. Imagine the damage done to our psyches! Our confusion about who we really are.

Thankfully, of late, I am finding the women are stepping out and exploring new territories. Changing the way we do business, changing how we do community, changing the meaning of money. I am hopeful and inspired!

Renewal of our commitment to self, to family, to community and to the earth.

We're coming into the seasons of endings. The leaves are falling and the frost is nipping and some may have even had their first snows here in the northern hemisphere. This is a time, in old indigenous traditions around the world, of personal renewal. A time of going inward and reflecting. First with ourselves, then with those we are intimate with, then out to the larger family and then the community. It was a process they took the time for, often a month or more. I think it's in a Hawaiian tradition that this process is 3 months long.

This isn't something to be taken lightly and it's something that can be profoundly informative as to where we go next. What is the path like when we make the best decisions for ourselves and the planet?

In our western culture we often wait until the last minutes of the last day to ponder “What will the next year be like?” And then make decisions as to how to make that happen while we are imbibing in celebratory drink. Certainly not in our clearest mind!

So what if we took the time now, together, in community, to ask the deep questions and to support each other in their exploration? When we come together and support each other we can carry a very heavy load with ease and grace. Would you like to experience the new year with clarity and joy?

I invite you to join me and a group of up to 12 other women for a 3 month journey into being our best selves in 2018. To find, or fulfill, our purpose; to step into our next incarnation. What does 2018 hold for you? Our future, and how we experience it, is up to each of us. Let's be the girl kitties that openly explore the possibilities, not burdened by fear, yet cloaked in awareness. Let's connect with our inner lioness and prepare to roar!

I look forward to this journey together with you should you decide to join us. It is your time to create the life you know you're meant to live.

For more information check out this link.


Kate Culver
Song to Gaia