Intentions That Stick: A Plethora of Planets in Capricorn

I’m setting intentions this year! I’ve done this before – or at least attempted to. This year has been different. Maybe it has for you, too.

It turns out we’ve been supported in these efforts with a plethora of planets in Capricorn, the sign of discipline and organization. 

With at least 7 celestial bodies in the constellation Capricorn for the first half of January the energy was all about getting it together and making a plan.

This wonderful support has really kept me focused and on track. A big change, because so often I start out with the best intentions but I don’t end up with the results I was aiming for. For those of us who need, or even love, support in putting structure in our lives this time has been really helpful.

Small accomplishments I can celebrate along the way

I'm loving going deep into a planning process. Setting intentions and markers; small accomplishments I can celebrate along the way. Things that help me know I’m on track.

Of course, I want to reach my goals, but my focus has been more day-to-day. Because it isn’t about the end result, it’s the journey there. You know - life. And having markers that say “this is where I am in my journey” gives me an opportunity to celebrate and frequently smell the roses.

Sun and Venus in Aquarius

As of this week the Sun and Venus have moved out of Capricorn and there is a little more emphasis on being social, right, because where do we go from Capricorn? Aquarius – good conversation, helpful, free spirited.

So, if you’ve felt burdened or overwhelmed since the first of the year and have been struggling under the heavy Capricorn energy, things will open up for you now!

Why was sticking with my goals so difficult in the past

I got to wondering why sticking with my goals was so difficult in the past? I decided to look at my chart to see what was tripping me up. Was there something there to help me see what those dynamics are and how to change them?

Yes! A good place to see what might be tripping us up is finding the sign and house Pluto is in in our chart. And where is Scorpio in our chart?  If Scorpio crosses more than one house in your chart you want to look at the house where Scorpio begins, its cusp.

Once I had this information I could see the pitfalls. I could hear my saboteur and figure out a reframe for the language my saboteur likes to use. Language to support me rather than stop me.

Pluto is my 10th House of Career. One of the things I have been struggling with over the past decade is getting my business, Song to Gaia, off the ground. The effort has taken many forms, from natural building and Permaculture-focused to coaching and transformation-focused, and lots of places in between. 

Over the years the ideas have evolved but the impetus was always the same. I have a passion, I have gifts and I want to share them. Although the desire was strong I tripped over myself all along the way. Looking back, with this new information in mind, I see how this pattern plays out.  Pluto's shadow side was throwing up gremlins against my career desires and I fell victim.

Then I looked at Scorpio. Scorpio rules my 1st House of Self. Who I am. How I identify with myself. 

Well if I’m having difficulty with accepting who I am, and honoring who I am, of stepping up to who I am, then why would my employers, my customers or my clients believe in me? If the saboteur is in there saying, “you know, I don’t think you’re the greatest thing around,” that is going to affect your career.  

Seeing this wonderful pattern

Seeing this wonderful pattern laid out at this stage in my life, on the one hand, makes me want to kick myself and say “What took you so long to see this?!” And on the other hand, it’s “Holy cow, I am so glad to have this understanding now”.

I’m excited to see where I am my own worst enemy and how I trip myself up, because now I can make a plan of action to change it. I can see what things I need to focus on in order to step into my power and give my gifts in the best way. I feel empowered! I am shedding old patterns that don’t serve me or the world.

So, if you think there might be something tripping you up, and you want to understand the patterns that don’t support your life in the way you desire, these 2 pieces of information will expose the source. And there are some simple steps you can take to address those pitfalls.

It’s a great time to decide this year is going to be a happy, productive year

It’s still early in 2018. It’s still a great time to decide this year is going to be a happy, productive year. 

In honor of this auspicious moment where all the planets are moving direct (not retrograde), Saturn, the planet of organization and making a plan, is in its home sign of Capricorn all year and we're entering a potent eclipse season, I am offering, for a limited time, Discover Your Three Biggest Blocks a 1-to-1 video call to identify and eliminate your roadblocks to an abundant, healthy, joyful 2018, at a deep discount.  Are you ready to step into that!?

This is the time! 

This massive forward momentum and dynamic celestial events make this THE time to get on board with your transformation of struggle into ease! And it might be that if we just address this one area the rest of the pieces all fall into place.

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Kate Culver
Song to Gaia