Heart-Centered Women Longing for Clarity and Purpose; 3 Tools to Claim Your Natural Power

Do you struggle to find your balance in this crazy world?

Do you feel lost or unsure?

Are you overwhelmed? Frustrated?

Not feeling heard?


Yet you know there is something more for you.

You know the world can move to a better place

And you know you want to be a part of it!


The world is in upheaval.

From personal to planetary things are tenuous.

It's time to usher out the dominant, social psyche of fear and bring in one of love and compassion!

But how?!

By finding your own natural nature,

Your own personal power.

That's when you become the full expression of the magnificent being you came here to be. Let me show you a way.

On Sunday March 18th and 25th I invite you to discover more of who you are at a core energetic level.

You'll have many A-has! You'll learn re-frames to set your hidden gifts free!

You will feel centered, alive, ready to engage

There is soul-satisfying comfort when you experience your clarity of vision and purpose, knowing the best, next steps for you.

And you will feel YOU. In a new, joyous and profound way.

Ready for a new adventure?

Step into your grace.



Both events are Free.

(Love offerings accepted, not expected.)

Different content each time. Do 1 or both!

 2:00 - 4:00pm

Atmalogy, 2320 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

Upstairs in the Inspire Room