Empowered Feminine Presence

Are you ready to expand into the power of your feminine experience?

Did you know you have a core power center you’ve likely not been taught to activate?

Are you a woman who too often operates from a place of deficit and burnout?

Let’s remove the resistance and overwhelm by reconnecting you with your greatest personal resource: your divine feminine power center.

Through experiential group exercises, you'll reconnect to your feminine power center, your source of internal radiance and feminine magnificence. There you will discover your deepest authentic expression, innate intuition, and experience your personal power and presence.

By activating your feminine energy and resting in its power, you will feel ease and grace, confidence and presence like never before.

These are tools you will access again and again.

Join Kate for Empowered Feminine Presence and allow your own unique feminine essence and power to be the attractor for your future desires.

Free and open to all women


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