Empowered Feminine Presence Circles

Want to learn to let go of stress and anxiety, and center yourself in any moment?

Join this circle and discover hidden treasures within you that provide strength, clarity, and joy.

The world wants to hear your song!

Moving Empowered Feminine Presence Circles Online!

These are very special times.

To navigate them safely we need each other. And since we can't comfortably do that in person right now let's get together online!

~ While our lives are in turmoil we need the grounding, calming presence of Sisterhood.

~ In times of uncertainty we need the safe, healing space of Sisterhood.

~ With the emergent new cycle, we need the empowering, bolstering enthusiasm of Sisterhood. 

We have an amazing opportunity now to do deep and powerful work, to prepare for the changes needed when we arrive on the other side of this crisis.

Join us online for your weekly dose of heart-centered sanity. Building capacity for the journey ahead.


The next cycle is starting in March 2021. Click the Join Circle button to get on the waitlist! 

We meet in these life-changing gatherings weekly for 5 weeks.  $297  Join Circle



Are you a busy woman living in a stressful world who wants to be more clearly seen, heard, and respected?

One who desires a life of purpose?

​Follow your Path Home - to your Authentic Nature

Come gather around this warm, collective campfire - where we connect to ourselves, one another, and our beloved planet.

Where we tap into a deep knowing of the feminine and build strength and resiliency.

You’re invited to join in this safe space with others who desire to feel more connected and respected.

You'll learn how to come from a place of grounded, magnetic energy, rather than from the “push” energy of our fast-paced lives.

 Stepping fully into your power.

Experience the life-changing power of community.

And discover a few simple practices to tap into your powerful, inner-knowing and beauty.

You're meant to shine your light!