Discover Your Three Biggest Blocks

Did you know that by looking at just 3 places in your birth chart

you can discover the biggest blocks to your success?

Discover the patterns and dynamics that continuously trip you up in life.

In a 45 minute 1-to-1 video call we'll look at your birth chart and

identify the 3 places most likely to sabotage your life.

We'll also discuss what you sense are the weak points in your life.

Together these pieces of information will allow us to open up the doors to understanding and resolution.

You'll see how you are sabotaged, what your saboteurs are telling you and how you can silence them.

Once you understand how your saboteur is triggered, you'll be able to take control of how it plays out. 

The patterns are a part of us, and how we respond to them makes for success or frustration.

Come learn the tricks the saboteur uses, and the shift of perspective needed to neutralize all that negativity.

Take control over your patterns. Use them to support you.

All you need is your birth time, date and place. 

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