Connection Guide

Are you wondering why the world keeps getting crazier and change isn't happening no matter what you do?

The world needs people like you. People who desire a healthy, balanced world. Those who care for the voiceless and the planet with future generations in mind.

Are you feeling out of balance? Or perhaps you desire clarity or control?

It is a great task standing in witness to the atrocities of the day, yet that is what life is. Having the tools to live a peaceful, centered life changes the journey to one of self-understanding and fulfillment.

Are you ready for more joy and happiness in your life and with your family?

It's time for you to embody joy and love so you can Be the Change you want to see in the world. Because you cannot give what you do not have. Fill yourself and radiate to the world.

Do these questions resonate? I offer deep support and empowerment to uncover your truth and joy and reconcile it with the world outside.  

Sign up for a free Path to Connection Session to explore what's up with who you are and who you're longing to be. We'll spend 45 minutes gaining clarity and impetus to live the life you desire. And we can talk about possible next steps for you whether you choose to work with me further or not.

One-on-one sessions

3 months: 12 weekly 1 hr calls; 3 Bumper calls - calls instigated by you for a specific need.

Together we'll explore your needs, wants, concerns and connect with your envisioned self. You will have weekly tools for moving forward on your desired path.

$1187  - payment plans available

6 months: 24 weekly 1 hr calls; 6 Bumper calls

This plan offers greater guidance for a more supported connection journey. This is for you if you are troubled with a lack of follow-through or don't like change. This increased time in practice better ensures the changes you make will stay with you and the intentions you set are achieved.

$1699  - payment plans available


Path to Connection Free Call 

A 45 minute call to reconnect you to your dreams and reclaim your power to be the creator of your life! 

We'll explore your present situation, what you desire, and ways to create your new story. And it's free!