Circle of Initiation

We all want some comfort and direction in our lives.

However our culture no longer provides this in a nurturing, supportive way.

Sure, people will give you advice but rarely is it with YOUR best interest in mind.

It's simply opinion - theirs!

But culture used to offer guidance and direction. Give feedback and encouragement.

We had Rites of Passage and Initiations.


The Circle of Initiation is a return to those ideals.

A place to get guidance, find support and take a journey that culminates in a celebration of You and your new self.


Whatever change or dilemma you are facing today it is hard to go it alone.

These can be dark times and dark times call for gathering in the light.

Because being with others is comforting and uplifting.


Often it can be hard to make the choice to be with others when times are dark.

It feels right to go within and be alone.

However the road to the light is long when we take the path of solitude.


To lighten the load and lighten the mood I have created a place for us to rise in community.

Come fill your heart with sisterhood, communion, joy

and the potential for your great awakening.


In the Circle of Initiation I will guide you on your own life-affirming journey; doing the deep, fulfilling work of transformation.

This is your place to fulfill your desires.

I will help you create your unique path of initiation. You'll get an individual call with me to determine what transformation you're looking for and design a path to get there.

Each week you'll get information to further you along the path, culminating in Ceremony where you will be honored and supported in stepping into the next phase of your life.

Fully embodied and ready to soar.

You will manifest your desires in the community of other women while holding them in sisterhood and grace.

Join the Circle!

This is the hope you've been holding onto!


The Circle of Initiation is an online experience, meeting weekly for 7 weeks starting Thursday January 3, 2019 thru February 14.

Each week you will gain new clarity, share and hear your sisters' stories and build strength through community and love.

Give yourself, or someone you love, the gift of passion and expansion  - of being in and of the light, fully embodied in who you are longing to be.

Special holiday rate of $199