About Kate

Hello, I am the owner of Song to Gaia; a mother, grandmother and life-long champion for women, children and planet.

My youth was spent in the woods and creeks where my deep love of nature blossomed and grew.  I know first hand the benefits of nature connection - both the nature of the wild world and knowing our own personal nature.  It is in this connection - with the inside and the outside - that we come to see our true gifts and talents and gain the tools to address our challenges and make the most of this journey we call life.

It was this connection that saved my life. I am the youngest of five children, born years after my siblings. Consequently, I felt abandoned. Both by my parents who had no time for me and my siblings who shunned me as too young, too silly, too naive. I felt as though I wasn't enough. I wasn't heard, seen or respected.

Enter the wild world. I found a place to be seen and heard without judgment among the trees and animals of the wild. They listened unconditionally. They sang their songs to me and I found a deep soulful existence outside my human family.

This love for Gaia and the wild world led me to years of activism where I saw the problems as outside myself. It was the multi-national corporations destroying our world that were to blame. And after years of telling the world "No! Don't do that!" I found Permaculture, the art of beneficial relationships.

I went from a mantra of "No!" to a mantra of "Yes!"

Suddenly I saw the interconnectedness of all life and the symbiosis of life on Gaia. I saw how my efforts to change the world were never going to be effective if I didn't go within to start the healing process. If I didn't honor the feminine essence of nurturing, rather than fighting.


About a decade ago I started on a journey of self-discovery.  Self-discovery was not my intent, my journey didn't start with intention.  It started with a collapse.  It started with the end.

Sometimes coming to a bottom-of-the-barrel moment is what it takes to shift life's trajectory.  It also takes action. 

As a Permaculture practitioner, I experience life as interconnected, symbiotic elements which in turn make us stronger. It is through this interconnected perspective that I support the transformation of women's lives from feelings of despair, overwhelm and confusion to feeling joyfully exuberant and dynamic, moving forward with clarity and purpose.

The world needs women standing up for the values we hold in common, life-giving, mutually beneficial relationships that will heal Gaia's wounds, our wounds. Nature connection is at the heart of this.

You can write your new story - your Song to Gaia. A story that honors you, supports you; and through you honors and supports the planet, Gaia. 

I did just that.  I wrote a new story for myself and strengthened my health, my relationships, my work in the world. 

And how cool is it that we can do it through the fun, creative, boundless world of story and connection?! 

I hope you'll join me in creating the new story that loves the world alive.

on log in woods

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