About Kate

Hello, I am the owner of Song to Gaia and a mother, grandmother and life-long champion for women, children and planet.

I live with my husband, Howard, a chicken, Tilly and a dog, Tollie, on 65 rural acres on the bluff of the Buffalo River in Middle Tennessee. 

My work has evolved through the years leading to me to the passion of transforming women's lives from feelings of despair, overwhelm and confusion to feeling joyfully exuberant and dynamic, moving forward with clarity and purpose. The world needs women standing up for the values we hold in common, life-giving, mutually beneficial relationships that will heal Gaia's wounds, our wounds. Nature connection is at the heart of this. Consequently...

My other passion is connecting young people to nature and to provide inspiration and self discovery for them to be self-empowered, compassionate champions of their own life and stewards of the their world.

My youth was spent in the woods and creeks where my deep love of nature blossomed and grew.  I know first hand the benefits of nature connection - both the nature of the wild world and knowing our own personal nature.  It is in this connection - with the inside and the outside - that we come to see our true gifts and talents and gain the tools to address our challenges and make the most of this journey we call life.

About a decade ago I started on a journey of self discovery.  Self discovery was not my intent, my journey didn't start with intention.  It started with a collapse.  It started with the end.

Sometimes coming to a bottom-of-the-barrel moment is what it takes to shift life's trajectory.  It also takes action. 

You can write your new story - the one that honors you, supports you; and through you honors and supports the planet, the whole. 

I did just that.  I wrote a new story for Me and strengthened my health, my relationships, my work in the world. 

And how cool is it that we can do it through the fun, creative, boundless world of story?! 

I hope you'll join me in creating the new story that loves the world alive.

on log in woods

Path to Connection Free Call 

A 45 minute call to reconnect you to your dreams and reclaim your power to be the creator of your life! 

We'll explore your present situation, what you desire, and ways to create your new story. And it's free!