Welcome to the Hearth at Song to Gaia

 A New Story is emerging. One of Joy and Connection.

One we are writing together to bring healing change, to ourselves and the planet.

This evolutionary impulse rising up in women ties the inner and outer worlds together.

We revel in our own uniqueness as an integral part of the oneness!


Here you will find deep support and empowerment to uncover your personal truth and joy. You will be able to reconcile it with the world outside.

For those with children we have abundant tools for building their Confidence, Connection and Wonder

When we are personally grounded and connected we have ceaseless strength for the path ahead. 


I have been in love with the planet since I was a little girl. I sang my song to her by dancing after morning rains and staring into the stars at night.

It's been a very personal song. One that nurtured me from within.

Now it is time to sing this song with a chorus of other people - you - who are singing your song to Gaia, our living, loving planet.

You, who are ready to embrace your most radiant self by stepping into your power and shifting the tides!

Whether you have loved the planet all your life, or just in this moment you're recognizing you'd like to find your song,

here at Song to Gaia you'll find joyful connection and effective ways to show support and love for the planet; for life.

Join the chorus. Discover fun and creative ways to sing your love song to Gaia.

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-- Sharing ways to care for ourselves, the planet and All Our Relations --

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