Stepping Into the Lean in 2018: Creating Our Best Year Yet!

Is something emerging in you?

Are you ready to be fully engaged in your life?

Do you know there is something more for you to be, to fulfil, to embrace?


If so I invite you to join me, and a group of up to 12 other women, for a 3 month journey into being our most self-expressed selves in 2018.

Our future, and how we experience it, is up to each of us.  What does 2018 hold for you?  Let's explore the possibilities, cloaked in awareness, not burdened by fear.

  • We'll find, or fulfill, our purpose; and step into our next incarnation.
  • We'll commune, connect and support each other in our intention for the happiest, most energetic and connected life.
  • We'll be bathed in a peaceful presence of love and nurturing, gaining the strength to explore the deepest questions of our life.

We'll meet every other week by Zoom conference for 1.5 hours of face-to-face deep connection time exploring a new theme each call, with 2 weeks for further exploration in discussion.


First call is Thursday November 30 at 6:30pm CST.

There will be 6 calls, one every other week through February 8: 11/30, 12/14, 12/28, 1/11, 1/25 and 2/8. Calls will be recorded, however being there live is the best for you and the group.

There is a private FB page just for those on this journey where we will talk in between calls. I commit to being inside the group at least 5 days a week to support you along the way.

We'll get together and ask some important, personally intriguing questions. Come find the support you need to make the shift you're longing for.

If you're ready to do more than "lean in" come join us in stepping up to the creation of our Best Year Yet! 

I look forward to this journey together with you.  This is your time to create the life you know you're meant to live.

Cost is just $120. Could be the best holiday gift you ever gave yourself! 

 New bonus added! Each member of the group will get 1 one-to-one call for personal support. This can be to get clarity, grounding or talk about something more personal you don't want to share in the group. 45 minute call for you to use how best supports you.